February 20, 2016

Studio with my boys

Garage studio hang outs with my boys. Milo is so much better at painting than me. He paints whatever he feels like putting on the canvas, without hesitation. I sometimes look at what he's doing to guide me in my work. His free spirit is refreshing. KG and I admire him for his ability to draw whatever he wants. No doubts, no excuses. He just does.

Milo has a great eye for art. He is especially critical of my attempts at drawing on his drawing board. I think I'll leave the Batman illustrations to the pros.

I'm glad he let me take these pictures because he often shies away from the camera. I'd like to do a timelapse of his work one day.

He was very proud of himself for mixing grey.

His painting ♥

For a long time i felt like this piece wasn't "right" until i painted the white hair. She's perfect. I love her.

Official studio shoes. Very appropriate.
I miss my Frankie bb being in the studio with me. One day I'll have a huge window where he can watch me paint again. 

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