September 24, 2015

#karinalove_drawme v.3

I was waiting to post one more drawing up but it's taking me longer than I thought, so I am sharing these in the mean time :) Thank you for being my muses!






September 5, 2015

A Day at the Farmers Market

We had a fun day at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market today. I have horrible allergies that are making my throat sore so we went to grab some honey for my tea.

Milo and Bella fell in love with those little pumpkins and enjoyed exploring the market.

I like seeing their excitement with things we might find ordinary. Everything is so much more fun with them. I forgive the tantrums that come with this age for the smiles that shine on their faces when they're happy.

Things got pretty messy in the car, but who can resist a perfect peach!? ♥

With Love,

#karinalove_drawme v. 2

This week's sketches have really let me explore mark-making and mixing my love of realism with the romance I find in Klimt's paintings. Little bits of him show up in my drawings now and then.

Thanks again for hashtagging your pictures and I hope many more of you will join.

btw, this project is open to both men and women of all ages with public accounts. (Rated G pictures please). Hashtag #karinalove_drawme on Instagram, preferably a recent picture, so that I can add you to my sketchbook :)

Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.

With love,