August 24, 2015

Woke up like this

Our mornings start with two early birds rolling around the bed followed by kisses and "wake up mommy, wake up"

I get up with a smile. They know how to start my day off right.

Once I am up we make our way to the studio to open the blinds for Frankie and his succulent friends. "Hi Frankie da ficus" Milo is always eager to say good morning. Next I make breakfast. The kids will have oatmeal or possibly a waffle with peanut butter and milk. (Milo's favorite. Bella steals his food so I have to give her what he is having)

I make myself a bagel sandwich paired with coffee...oh coffee, thank you for your boost of energy and overall yumminess.

After breakfast we go to the play room to read or "cook" or maybe build castles out of megabloks. Lots of laughs and some bickering with them two.

Bath time comes next. Lavender oil aroma fills the bathroom and then they get coconut oil+lotion. It's heavenly.

These little moments might not seem like much right now, but I look back at pictures of Milo and see how much he has changed so fast...and I can't help but want to capture as much as possible. My grandmother from my mom's side passed away last week and made me realize that I don't want to let more time go by just "being". I want to savor every little thing.

double trouble
having too much fun
mini greenhouse
Morning light on my newest painting
Frankie and friends
one for me and one for my honey

"gorillas in the zoo"
this is the sunset at the end of our day. the skies were magical this past week.

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