August 11, 2015

In the Studio

Work in progress.
One little hand can someone come finish the other one? :)
I've always felt strongly about surrounding myself with things that inspire me. Things that bring the best out of me. Little by little that "something" has started to work its way into my paintings.

I was telling Ken the other night that I wish I could capture "that song from Pride and Prejudice" in my paintings. I somehow feel like you can hear it in this little painting.

I like seeing my flowers in my pieces too. My poor husband puts up with the allergies he gets when I bring in my garden roses. sorry but they are SO PRETTY. (hey, he bought them for me...what can a girl do just leave them out there for the beetles to eat?!?)

This is a little glimpse of my side of the studio on August 10th.
Our fiddle leaf fig, "Frankie" and his buddies the succulents
Current mood. I take lots of pictures of my palette before I clean all that paint off.
Little plant I got from work.
Falling in love with mixed media.

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