August 24, 2015

#karinalove_drawme v.1

First let me thank you all for being so supportive. I'm having loads of fun drawing and getting to know each one of you, in a way, through your pictures.

I've already felt myself open up more to different concepts and I am excited to use that in my pieces. Whether a simple sketch or an elaborate drawing, it allows me to grow.

So thanks again. You're amazing. Here are the first four official #karinalove_drawme sketches !!!

with love,

Woke up like this

Our mornings start with two early birds rolling around the bed followed by kisses and "wake up mommy, wake up"

I get up with a smile. They know how to start my day off right.

Once I am up we make our way to the studio to open the blinds for Frankie and his succulent friends. "Hi Frankie da ficus" Milo is always eager to say good morning. Next I make breakfast. The kids will have oatmeal or possibly a waffle with peanut butter and milk. (Milo's favorite. Bella steals his food so I have to give her what he is having)

I make myself a bagel sandwich paired with coffee...oh coffee, thank you for your boost of energy and overall yumminess.

After breakfast we go to the play room to read or "cook" or maybe build castles out of megabloks. Lots of laughs and some bickering with them two.

Bath time comes next. Lavender oil aroma fills the bathroom and then they get coconut oil+lotion. It's heavenly.

These little moments might not seem like much right now, but I look back at pictures of Milo and see how much he has changed so fast...and I can't help but want to capture as much as possible. My grandmother from my mom's side passed away last week and made me realize that I don't want to let more time go by just "being". I want to savor every little thing.

double trouble
having too much fun
mini greenhouse
Morning light on my newest painting
Frankie and friends
one for me and one for my honey

"gorillas in the zoo"
this is the sunset at the end of our day. the skies were magical this past week.

August 16, 2015



My sketchbooks are where I put down my most intimate and uninhibited ideas. It is my meditation and self reflection. I think I am more fearless here because it feels less "permanent." Over the years I have learned to cherish these pages in my book and really let go. It's difficult to get in the studio most nights ... so my sketchbook is my sanity.

You see, art isn't just my "hobby" or my "second income"'s home. Since I learned to mark with a pencil I have not stopped (well except that one time I got tired of realism) but anyway...It's my safe haven.

I started a little project and would LOVE it if you all could help me :)
I want to draw but looking for pictures takes me FOREVERRRR. Seriously. It takes all the fun out of it. So I would like to ask anyone who would like a little sketch done of them to hashtag a picture of you with #karinalove_drawme on your Instagram account.

If you hashtag a picture of you (not some supermodel or your pets lol) I will do my best to be fair to everyone and do about 4 sketches a week. I will caption your picture with your IG name if I post it here and mention you in the IG post as well. Only rules are: It has to be you or your photography and your pictures cannot be private (or I can't see them). Btw, it doesn't have to be a brand new pic.
It would mean a whole lot to me so go hashtag #karinalove_drawme on your pretty pictures now. :D

with love,

ps: hashtagging does not mean you give me full rights to use your images in my personal artwork. I will contact you if I want to request a picture for a painting :)
safe haven





Photo by: @trappenberg Model: @riaz_vickers

A Day at The Gardens

We spent most of Saturday walking around Norfolk Botanical Gardens. We went to the butterfly house for the first time and the kids loved it so much. I can't wait to go back and take more pictures of them for inspiration. We went for the honey bee festival but honestly, it was so hot that we decided to stay in the kids splash-pad area so the kids could cool off. I hope Ken and I can go back soon and have a picnic. *hint*
searching for butterflies

zebra swallowtail
always on the go
looking for the gruffalo

she loves to smell flowers
in his element ♥
my boy

my girl

August 11, 2015

In the Studio

Work in progress.
One little hand can someone come finish the other one? :)
I've always felt strongly about surrounding myself with things that inspire me. Things that bring the best out of me. Little by little that "something" has started to work its way into my paintings.

I was telling Ken the other night that I wish I could capture "that song from Pride and Prejudice" in my paintings. I somehow feel like you can hear it in this little painting.

I like seeing my flowers in my pieces too. My poor husband puts up with the allergies he gets when I bring in my garden roses. sorry but they are SO PRETTY. (hey, he bought them for me...what can a girl do just leave them out there for the beetles to eat?!?)

This is a little glimpse of my side of the studio on August 10th.
Our fiddle leaf fig, "Frankie" and his buddies the succulents
Current mood. I take lots of pictures of my palette before I clean all that paint off.
Little plant I got from work.
Falling in love with mixed media.

Beach Day

Me and my little loves.
On August 1st Milo and Bella had their first official beach day. Milo had fun jumping in the water and running away from the waves. I love seeing him and his papa doing something adventurous. He is like a mini version of Ken.

Bella enjoyed the sand. I have to keep an eye on that girl because it doesn't take very long for things to make it to her mouth! She was in awe of the ocean. I didn't plan on getting wet but im glad i didn't get swept by any waves. hahaha.

Over all I would say it was a very pleasant trip. :)

Here it comes!

Hold on tight!