June 30, 2015

Isabella Love's First Birthday!

My girl Isabella Love, you are my June flower. Thank you for being that spark of light in our daily lives.

Before the month of June is over I wanted to share Bella's "12 months of Bella" pictures. I wasn't able to get all of the months because of the pictures we lost on a broken hard drive. But I am happy I have these.

June. <3
We bought her a cupcake on June 18th, her birthday, so she could blow out the candle. 
I think she liked it.
My little fish.
We got Milo and Bella a pool to stay cool in the backyard. We've had some HOT weather! They splashed around on Father's day, which turned into Bella's (and Auntie Carol's) birthday celebration. Her papa bought her some pink birthday decoration and we had some more cake. ♥

I love him and his grilling skills. I'm grateful to be married to a man who is selfless and cares so much about his children.♥  
My happy girl surrounded by love and laughter.
Auntie Carol, the birthday girl, with Bella.
In her bathing suit ready to blow out the candles (or for mommy to blow it out before someone grabs it!)

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