June 30, 2015

In my Garden

Top left: Queen of Sweden Rose, Bottom Right: Wollerton Old Hall Rose

Early this spring I added four new rose shrubs to my backyard and I am slowly working to transform it into an official garden. These are some of my blooms so far. I am still learning how to not kill them so I will happily take any tips you might have for me :) I did see some aphids on the leaves so I mixed some garlic into a spray bottle with some drops of soap. It takes care of them as long as I spray once a week or so.

My little helper, Milo, is always excited to go "check on the plants" with me. He wears rain boots so he doesn't get his superman shoes dirty and we water the potted plants. That boy loves being outside so much! I have to bribe him with snacks to come back inside. It's our daily routine (when Bella naps) and it's our "us" time. We look for bugs and run around chasing butterflies. He loves to play baseball too. I don't think he likes how I throw the ball. He throws it himself and hits it with the bat (lol!) I look forward to many more garden days with my boy.

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