May 7, 2015

Dear TX, I Miss You

When I was a young girl and we visited family in Mexico, I never understood why my mom would cry before leaving. I didn't comprehend the emotions of leaving loved ones thousands of miles behind. I did leave Texas with broken heart.

As the tears went down my face, and still do, I could only cheer myself up by planning the next trip and reminding myself of all of the ways we can stay connected. Thank goodness for video calls and pictures. TX, I do miss you.
My mom holding Bella. Bella points to where she wants to go now. Look at that ballet pose, lol.
He is happiest outside with endless grass to run on.
"Flying in the sky"

Our trip to the zoo on the last day of our visit.

My mom and my sister <3
Do we look alike? :)

That little goat was born during Milo's birthday party! 


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