April 9, 2015

Surprise Eggs

One of Milo's favorite things EVER are eggs. The kind with toys and candy inside. He is obsessed. He watches youtube videos about "surprise eggs" and it's literally just some guy opening these Kinder eggs and play-doh eggs (seriously, look it up). We hid some small Batman action figures (his other obsession) in the eggs for his basket. I think we over did it just a bit but it was so much fun! Growing up, our family didn't do the whole basket thing and this was my first time shopping for it. I wanted to make this Easter really special for him and Bella.
I hope you had a great Easter and enjoyed some chocolate too!
With Love,

Pouring both baskets on the grass, oh dear.

My silly boy

My babies and their grandparents. Very thankful for these two ♥  

They had baskets from their Lolas and Auntie too! (yay for diaper baskets!)

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