March 6, 2015

Wildflower at Heart

Meet my bunny girl, Wildflower. (Wildflower at Heart). You can find her at my society6 page along with her friend "Once Upon a Time" here.
I've been taking my time more with planning pieces and studying before getting into larger panels/paper. It's nice to not feel rushed. Life is very busy lately so a slower pace is therapeutic.

Milo and Bella wake up around 7am and they play on our bed for a bit, laughing and screaming and trying to get me up so we can have breakfast. (I'm not a morning person). Milo usually has a waffle or oatmeal. Bella eats mashed bananas. We play in their toy room for a while before getting ready for the day. Then it's usually bath time or lunch. I cook something for Milo before I leave for work. (I do tech support for Canon EOS cameras).

When I have a couple of extra hours at night i dream up and sketch new pieces. I just finished a time lapse (see previous post) and I am planning a few more soon! Seeing positive reactions to them makes me excited to make more :)
With all of this snow last month I'm hopeful for sunshine and hints of spring soon. Days at the park with my family, flowers, warmth. I can't wait!

Here are some pictures of my studio space currently.

With Love,
Karina Love

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