March 25, 2015

In the Studio

Leopard pjs? Check. Paint on my socks? Check. Now where are my snacks?

My typical studio attire consist of the most comfortable pjs and a t-shirt. (So classy) The days in here are very limited lately. I spend most of my nights planning pieces and rocking Bella to sleep. She's been restless (teething maybe?)

I've learned to be as productive as possible when I do have the time. Luckily during the day I can sketch to meditate between calls and it helps me exercise my drawing skills. My husband (Ken) quotes Benjamin Franklin "If you fail to plan you plan to fail" and I've been keeping that in mind. It helps me slow down and understand that things aren't going to be instantaneous. They take time. It also relieves my anxiety a bit.

Good vibes and positivity is what I need right now. Don't we all? I hope you get some zen your way too :)

With Love,
Karina Love

My bestest friend

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