March 12, 2015

Day at the Park

The freezing cold has kept us inside for a bit so it was nice to go out to the park with the family. Milo runs around like one of those toy cars you wind up, he takes off as fast as his legs can go. He is happiest with a field to run in. Him and Bella explore the ground picking up leaves and sticks. He gets so excited every time he finds a stick. lol. Oh my boy, you are so full of joy.

Bella's favorite word lately is "wow" She says it over and over and it's always so funny. She says "mamamama" "baba" and "raaahh" (which is what Milos Incredible Hulk toy says). Milo has grown so much these past few months. He always has something to say. His favorite topics are: superheroes, spooky things, and stories. We bought him some new books to keep him entertained while we were cooped up. I'm thankful for peaceful days like these when we can go out and breathe some fresh air.

Here are some pictures of my little family at the park.♥

With Love,
Karina Love

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