March 28, 2015

Little Loves

This room was a big question mark when we first moved into our house in 2011. We had piles of books on the floor and random boxes that we had not sorted. I'm almost embarrassed to say that it stayed that way for about a year before we got the courage to build some book shelves and give the books a proper home. See a previous post about early days in this house HERE.

I'm happy to see what it has turned into, complete with my little loves in it.

Watch the video of my cuties hanging out and listen at the end for a "wow" from Bella. It's really her favorite thing to say. hahaha. my heart ♥

March 25, 2015

In the Studio

Leopard pjs? Check. Paint on my socks? Check. Now where are my snacks?

My typical studio attire consist of the most comfortable pjs and a t-shirt. (So classy) The days in here are very limited lately. I spend most of my nights planning pieces and rocking Bella to sleep. She's been restless (teething maybe?)

I've learned to be as productive as possible when I do have the time. Luckily during the day I can sketch to meditate between calls and it helps me exercise my drawing skills. My husband (Ken) quotes Benjamin Franklin "If you fail to plan you plan to fail" and I've been keeping that in mind. It helps me slow down and understand that things aren't going to be instantaneous. They take time. It also relieves my anxiety a bit.

Good vibes and positivity is what I need right now. Don't we all? I hope you get some zen your way too :)

With Love,
Karina Love

My bestest friend

March 16, 2015

My Boy

Michelangelo will be 3 next month, can you believe it?!? My boy. I remember when we brought him home from the hospital, how surreal it was. Our home was filled with sounds of baby coos and cries. Later laughs and foot-steps. Now I see his toys everywhere and it's never felt so complete.
I love you Milo. So so much.

With Love,

ps. Here are some pictures of us in our backyard.

March 12, 2015

Day at the Park

The freezing cold has kept us inside for a bit so it was nice to go out to the park with the family. Milo runs around like one of those toy cars you wind up, he takes off as fast as his legs can go. He is happiest with a field to run in. Him and Bella explore the ground picking up leaves and sticks. He gets so excited every time he finds a stick. lol. Oh my boy, you are so full of joy.

Bella's favorite word lately is "wow" She says it over and over and it's always so funny. She says "mamamama" "baba" and "raaahh" (which is what Milos Incredible Hulk toy says). Milo has grown so much these past few months. He always has something to say. His favorite topics are: superheroes, spooky things, and stories. We bought him some new books to keep him entertained while we were cooped up. I'm thankful for peaceful days like these when we can go out and breathe some fresh air.

Here are some pictures of my little family at the park.♥

With Love,
Karina Love

March 6, 2015

Wildflower at Heart

Meet my bunny girl, Wildflower. (Wildflower at Heart). You can find her at my society6 page along with her friend "Once Upon a Time" here.
I've been taking my time more with planning pieces and studying before getting into larger panels/paper. It's nice to not feel rushed. Life is very busy lately so a slower pace is therapeutic.

Milo and Bella wake up around 7am and they play on our bed for a bit, laughing and screaming and trying to get me up so we can have breakfast. (I'm not a morning person). Milo usually has a waffle or oatmeal. Bella eats mashed bananas. We play in their toy room for a while before getting ready for the day. Then it's usually bath time or lunch. I cook something for Milo before I leave for work. (I do tech support for Canon EOS cameras).

When I have a couple of extra hours at night i dream up and sketch new pieces. I just finished a time lapse (see previous post) and I am planning a few more soon! Seeing positive reactions to them makes me excited to make more :)
With all of this snow last month I'm hopeful for sunshine and hints of spring soon. Days at the park with my family, flowers, warmth. I can't wait!

Here are some pictures of my studio space currently.

With Love,
Karina Love

March 2, 2015


Hi! I have a new drawing to share with you and a timelapse video to go with it! Im so excited :D

If you have already subscribed to my YouTube channel, I thank you with all my heart for sticking around. (Link is on the top left of my website)

This piece is called "Primavera" which means "spring", in Spanish. (Photo: Anthony Deeying, model: Ariel Beesley

We've had a few snow days here in Virginia Beach and lately all I can think of is getting out of the house! No more snow please :) it's so pretty but I miss seeing green grass and color. So because the flowers and sunshine aren't quite here yet on our coast, I'm drawing and painting it for myself and all of you who feel the same. 

Please enjoy the video and let me know what you think. 

With Love,
Karina Love