November 1, 2015

Monster Mash

This Halloween was the funnest I've ever had! Milo and Bella had a great time trick-or-treating (and throwing candy all over the floor) He also had a fun time being a vampire and scaring everyone. I hope you all enjoyed it too! Now, who's gonna help me finish the chocolate cupcakes? No one? I guess I'll have to eat them all myself :P

She wanted to be a butterfly for a bit before we went out

Lots of spooky houses in the neighborhood. Bella liked this one until a head popped out of a bucket! Boo!

October 28, 2015

The Spiderboy and the Bunny

The kids love to dress up in costume and play pretend so they are super excited that Halloween is coming. They have been talking about it for like a year now. Bella actually learned to say the word Halloween and she makes a "spooky" muahaha sound that she learned from her brother. It's actually really cute. ♥

I was never a huge fan of Halloween, (except for the candy of course!) But now with my two spooky-obsessed kids it's kind of rubbing off on me too. I really enjoy the spring and summer flowers, the sunshine and summer activities but there is something magical about this time of year. There is nothing like cozy sweaters, the beautiful colors on the trees and the warmth of family-togetherness during the holidays. More than anything, Milo loves the falling leaves and he keeps saying autumn is his favorite. I asked him why and he said "because I throw the leaves in the sky!"

Bella Bunny
My boy
Picking the butterfly bush that is still blooming
Our friendly backyard friend

Digging for wormies, eeeewww :P

October 26, 2015

Drawtoberfest at the Chrysler Museum of Art

Ken Garcia's Drawing
Ken Garcia's graphite and white charcoal drawing on prepared Fabriano paper
My husband, KG (also known as Ken Garcia), had a demo at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA for Drawtoberfest. He used a couple of his favorite paintings on display to create a unique composition and then raffled it off at the end of the free demo! To our surprise, the winner of the raffle was none other than Jonathan who is a Gallery Host at the museum!

I had fun taking pictures and seeing him in his element. It's not often that I get to watch him teach/demo. I love it and it's the reason we fell in love :) hehehe Good job babe!

You can find more of his work and upcoming classes at
Ken Garcia and Drawing

Alex Venezia drawing
Alex Venezia drawing with Charcoal
Alex Venezia drawing
Norfolk Drawing Group

The Norfolk Drawing Group set up a stage for a large group of artists to capture a variety of poses. I miss live drawing SO much! It was great to see everyone's unique creations.
Norfolk Drawing Group

Ken Garcia demo winner
And the winner is .... JONATHAN!  (picture c/o museum staff)