March 6, 2013

Michelangelo's First Painting

Michelangelo had a great time creating this masterpiece out of edible cornstarch finger paint. I think we will be doing this more often. It was so much fun just watching him mix the colors on the paper.  Here is a link to the recipe. A lovely lady from instagram, @uherla, gave it to me after I saw her little one using it.

In less than two months Milo will be turning 1 year old! It's crazy how fast it went by. I think the first two weeks were the quickest. Moments like today makes me want to sloooow down and just enjoy little messy things.

From time to time I will have this anxiety. A panic that I am not taking enough pictures of him. I decided to make a Vine app account just for him. Just for his little moments. (trying not to cry) Be still my heart. Precious little boy of mine. You are growing up and mommy's heart is each day more complete.

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