November 16, 2012

San Antonio Trippin

This past weekend Michelangelo met my parents and siblings for the first time. We are so happy to have been able to spend a little time with everyone. My sister Gladys flew in from California and I am sooo extremely happy that my whole family (all seven of us) were in the same city! This little boy had a blast with all the attention he was getting from everyone. It made me happy to finally be able to share this part of me with them. It must be so weird to see me as a mom. My sister Berenice kept saying "you're a mommy!"  :)

After the second plane ride we arrived in San Antonio. We entered baggage claim and I saw my brother and uncle right away. I couldn't believe how different and grown my little brother was. Vito has always wanted to be the first to know anything about the baby; through out my pregnancy, birth and now, so I was sure he would be there to pick us up. When we got to the house my sister and brother greeted us outside. I was still a bit in shock to be there. It didn't quite sink in right away.
My sister Gladys holding my sunshine.
Oh yea, did I mention he crawls now?!  :)

Milo and I at my dad's ranch for Vito's birthday. 
The weather in S.A. was beautiful. We lucked out and got a bit of warmth for a few days. It's nice to be out and enjoy some fresh air. (I need to get out more). My little cousins were running and yelling and being kids. I remember when they were just babies and I baby-sat each of them. I wondered if they remembered me. They were constantly coming over to look at Michelangelo.

5o'clock shadow at 16!?!  Where did my little brother go?
My brother Juan and his beautiful girl friend Becky. They're too cute! <3
My sisters and my mom taking instagram pics.
My sis Berenice and brother Vito. He has cake on his face from someone (me, oops) pushing him into the cake my mom baked him.
Out in the park enjoying some soy ceviche.

Milo and his Abuelita.

Johnjo (Juan) working on his project car outside in the dark. That boy loves motors.

Later (after obviously working on his car) he brought out this Pentax film camera. His girl friend's grandmother gave it to him. <3
I had no idea we had film photography in common! I think I should send him a couple of cameras that I have in the back room.
Milo and his Abuelito.
Although our vacation was very short it was also very emotional and exciting. I don't want Milo to forget the new faces he met. (Thank goodness for skype and technology). Next time we will be there for at least a few more days but until then my sisters are planning a visit to our house in the spring time. I wish, with all my heart, that I was closer than an airplane ride from them. It is difficult to be so far and not see them for so long. I can't let years go by without seeing them again.

We'll be back San Antonio. Treat them well.

-L V E