September 8, 2012

Inside My Moleskine

This week I drew on the last page of my current Moleskine Sketchbook (which means i need a new one...hehehe) I think I will get a toned paper sketchbook and a cream colored one like this one. I love this book. It's special. The "before and after" of my mommyhood. I think I'm ready for big drawings again. Along with the paintings I have in mind, there are lots of ideas I want to shoot for and possibly draw. I'll have to set up some shoots. yay! i love shooting. I think it all kind of goes in a circle. My sketches inspire me to take pictures for references which lead to paintings which lead to more shooting ideas.
I'm a whirlwind lately.

Anyway, I have been posting my sketches on instagram and I've noticed a pattern. I've been drawing a lot of me. :) I guess it's just easier. I can take references and choose my lighting. But feel free to offer me your pics. And thanks for following along if you are on there ♥

-L O V E

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