October 15, 2010

Says I

I prepped my canvas and started sketching outlines on it. Time to get serious! This weekend will be productive. Say's who? Says I!!!

Pics really soon. Sorry now vids, must....draw....

-L O V E

October 4, 2010

Beautiful People

I've been trying to figure out how to do this whole video-sketching thing and i think i got the hang of it. I bought a little webcam so i can record from a better angle.

I find myself wanting to do millions of things at once and finishing short so i will continue to do what i can and strive for the important stuff. My blog and large pieces being part of that list, of course.

I love eyes.

Finally I can do a large Hendrix piece. I can't wait!

This is the sketch i did the other day at the bookstore, i am very excited about my next drawing. I've been looking at all kinds of Hendrix pictures, hoping that all of a sudden there will be a moment of illumination and i will know which to draw...but it hasn't exactly happened that way. I need to keep sketching and buy a primer for the canvas. 

I love to draw. I just don't care for much else. Ken, our Moleskines, and some wine.  (:

Today's vid is in homage to a fashion photo-journalist (View his Blog) who takes amazing pictures of beautiful people. This video is much better quality thanks to my new camera. 

Thanks for stopping by,

-L O V E

October 1, 2010


The huge canvas that Ken bought me for our "half-a-versary" is going to be put to use very soon. (ilovehim). I've started to sketch a bit before going on to the canvas. TGIF. im in the mood to draw my little heart out.

Link to Sketch Vid

-L O V E