September 14, 2010


Ken and I went to Richmond this past weekend to see the Chuck Close exhibit. It was fun and inspiring to see works from Mucha to Van Gogh surrounding us. The atmosphere was great through out the streets. 

Ken's been practicing shooting, and i need to brush up on my poses.

Lately I've been thinking too much. Thinking, and not really doing. I feel like I was stuck for a while. Not in a "Artist's Block" sort of way, but in a trance of thought that completely overwhelmed me, having to do with every part of my life. Realizing this, I decided that from now on, or for a while at least, im just going to do. Not thinking so much will save me time. I think I will enjoy things a bit more too.

So there are some new shirts up. There aren't any until you see them. So don't expect them until I post a link.

I started a new sketch book a few weeks ago. So did Ken. I admire his talent. We've been sketching and painting. Soon whoever is in the area will be able to come paint with us around the Hill Top area. 

Until next time
- L O V E

P.S. I started doing a live drawing thing online. It will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless otherwise noted. The links will be posted on the Kinetik Facebook page and they will usually go on in the morning (9am to 11am eastern time). Feel free to ask some questions or leave comments. 


  1. I see yall found some plugins, looks good!

  2. not yet, lol. i used the hipstamatic camera for iphone. thanks tho! :D


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