August 26, 2010

Hip Hop is Dead

The past couple of months have been full of relaxation and fun. Full of lovely friends and good vibes. I love being able to step back and enjoy the view. Ken and I are still tackling some major steps in our careers and battling the obstacles along the way, but it's no excuse for stress. I feel like the days go by way too quickly, I have to appreciate every moment. 

The show at the Norva was definetly an experience to remember. The show was amazing and the energy sky rocketed as soon as they came on stage. And what a view. To see such legends perform before us. Hip hop is dead, until they get on the MIC.

Enjoy the video. It's nothing close to the real thing, but I recorded it to show it to my children when they come along.  lol.


There are great things coming soon and i look forward to sharing them with everyone.

- L O V E

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