August 13, 2010


Im at work trying to figure out what prices to put on these cabbage plates, bowls and pitcher. Seriously, why a cabbage pitcher? I realized that i didn't take a lunch break, the headache kinda reminded me that my stomach was growling. I might as well use this time to update the blawg. :)

So I turned 22 this August 11th and i was still kinda getting used to 21, so it was a pretty big surprise for me. (People still mistaken me for 19 so what difference does it make, really). Ken got me this AWESOME new lens for the camera. He also got a backdrop for our photography studio (coming soon). We still have lots to buy, like lighting equipment, reflectors, etc.  My little brother sent me the funniest birthday card ever and my mommy sent me some pretty flowers :)  My b day was great fun.

I finally have a phone. i love it. i still haven't used the FaceTime feature but hopefully i will soon, with my sisters. I love shooting videos though. Having a cool phone is new for me, my last phone wasn't this fancy.

Still working on shirts. Kinda. I've been hanging out with Ken, watching him paint, enjoying the time. Things are better that way, when they are slow and enchanting. I have some great ideas for some paintings, which is weird because im not exactly the greatest painter. I have the inspiration for it now. 

Im off to finish my work and get out of here for the day!

Keep on keeping on,
                                                                                    L O V E

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