July 6, 2010

Art Snob-ish

I burned my forehead with the curling iron this morning. So now i have a small brown spot, which im not even trying to cover. I find it ironic that my hair is curly and i've burned my self so many times with a tool used to CURL hair, instead of straighten it. 

Yesterday Ken and I were at B&N and we were drawing and sipping some white chocolate mochas, in celebration of the launching of Angiesbakery.net  (He designed the whole thing, i just published it.) 
As usual, we started browsing magazines and books until we found a picture worthy of a sketch. Before we knew it, they were announcing that it was time to wrap it up (near closing time). As we started to hurry up and get more serious about finishing, a young lady came up to us and complimented our talent. She said she wanted to become an illustrator. 

She asked us, "What school did you go to?"... and ..."What was your major?" 
I paused for a second and said, "Graphic Design."

When we were heading out Ken said that we're probably going to run into her in the future. He said that someone going for an illustration position would have great skills, since they are drawing constantly.
 I want to draw constantly. I want to live in a Renaissance Era where everyone follows their passion and perfects their craft, working day in and no out. I want my pieces to be influential and meaningful.

Some people might call me an "Art Snob." Not that I want to be referred to as a snob, particularly, but i have an appreciation for certain quality of work. Skillful work which requires thought and dedication. There is something about the romantic relationship between an artist and his/her muse, that i don't quite understand in other media. I feel that if you're serious about what you're doing you should show it and give it your all. Even if it is just splatters of paint on a piece of fabric.

I want to draw, and not much else.

- L O V E

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