July 27, 2010

Aching Ears

As i arrived to B&N today i was trying to figure out a song that i heard on the radio. It sounded kinda like jill scott or fantasia...raspy voice and great range...but i can't remember exactly how it goes!  (something like..."going in circles...round and round", idk)

I looked in my bag for my headphones and of course, i left them in my purse at home.  .  . what to do? 

Well luckily this B&N is in a mall and so i walked a bit and found "Dollar Village" where i bought some generic brand "earbuds"  for 99¢

These aren't your fancy shmancy phones with the cushion that molds perfectly into your ear. I put them on and looked for the song on google, and after lots of weird results, i got nothing. I took off the headphones and i noticed that my ears were a bit sore. They actually hurt.  

Moral of the story, don't forget your fancy headphones at home unless you want aching ears.

Now, to draw!

- L O V E

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