June 1, 2010


I'm eating my lunch at work. Oatmeal (in a plastic clear cup that melted in the micro), a Turkey Ham and Vegetarian Cheese + Mustard & Mayo Sandwich, and some sky flake crackers. Yum.

This month will be adventurous, full of activities, drawings, shirts, and baking. (I have to give some baked goods away or else we're going to get fat from all the cakes I want to bake!) Ken and I are going to buy a spiffy camera and get some awesome shots of our shirts. Were doing a shoot this week with our friend's kids. Should be fun! The website is well on it's way. 

Thursdays are now officially, strictly for Classical Art. yay! So I HAVE to get some nice pieces of art done soon.  :)

work work work.

Check out the new shirts.

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