April 30, 2010

Those annoying ladies at the bookstore wont let me draw

Here i am, trying to draw a sketch at the bookstore, sitting by my husband in the coffee-lounge area, when these two ladies come and sit down. They are talking about every detail in their life and one of the ladies' daughter comes up and talks with the most adult-snobbish voice i've ever heard a young girl speak. Everything was okay, until the whole thing got annoying. 

I made a mark by the eye of my muse on the sketch and the inspiration grew weaker as the ladies laughed and whispered louder. 

Okay, so i wasn't able to block them out. WHY? I don't usually have this problem. My mind just got angry. Every sound in the place was an interruption to my thoughts. 

My husband's sketch bloomed beautifully. 

Now I sit here, wondering what is next. I want to throw a bucket of paint on a canvas and unleash some frustrations, but lets not go crazy. I just want to do something worth my time. I can spend all the time in the world on a sketchbook, i can fill thousands, but i wont achieve anything with that.

I need to do something with a meaning. More than a study. I need to do a big piece. With a concept. 

What is my PURPOSE.

i await.

April 30, 2010

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