April 30, 2010

The smell of success

Have you ever wondered what success smells like? You can ponder on the question and perhaps think about money, fame, fortune and lot's of par-tays; what about the joy of fresh coffee, strong and sweet but not too much of either, cooled to the perfect temperature that still keeps you warm. What about a bagel made from fresh dough made daily by a lovely bakery? That brings us to taste.

The herbs dancing in your mouth together harmoniously in an genuine Italian pasta dish's tomato sauce. Your favorite childhood soda after years of dieting. 

What does success look like?

A book full of creative and enchanting pictures, none of them cliche, all of them inspiring. A painting that makes so much sense, you can actually relate to it. An article in the paper, describing you and yours with the utmost respect. 

I've longed for these.

Until then, I will keep sketching and dreaming.

-karina love

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