June 30, 2016

Bella's Dolly

We got Bella a handmade doll from Blossom and Friday on etsy for her 2nd birthday. I saw her dolls on Instagram (@blossomandfriday) and just knew this was the "one."

Bella Love is smitten with her and you can see it in the way she carries her around like a baby. She gives her flowers and kisses. Oh my girl 💓

Here are some pictures of Milo and Bella in our backyard. They like to explore and find bugs (but quickly run away shortly after) lol

June 26, 2016

Without Hope, Without Fear

Yesterday was the opening to the show "Without Hope, Without Fear," at 670 Gallery in Hampton, VA.
A collaboration of works by my love KG and his talented friends Chris & Alex

Thank you to all who were able to make it! A special thanks to Asa Jackson and everyone who helped put the show together.

Here is a recap of the show!